Wedding Entertainment

When you hire me as your Wedding DJ, you're getting a guy with years of experience - a fun and outgoing attitude - and someone just as invested in your big day being successful as you are.  I customize my equipment to meet the needs of each event and venue, but it normally includes 2-4 large speakers, a sub-woofer, a wireless microphone, and an appropriate arrangement of lights for the dance floor. 

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If I’m selected as your DJ, I’ll need to collect a signed copy of an agreement and half of the rate as deposit/down payment.  I'll collect song requests and download full clean versions of ANY songs you want played on your special night.  I also will provide you with a Reception Planner worksheet designed to keep your timeline of events running smoothly and ensure I do everything you want in exactly the order you want it.

Your wedding Ceremony and Reception audio is a critical piece of your planning, make sure it's in good hands!